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Gene David Kirk’s initial statement

“We are self employed – so let’s self employ.

I am setting up a theatre company cooperative. All members will have equal shares. We will stage productions in London, with members using their own time and skills to realise that production : the production members are specifically working on. Making the work you want to make, using the skills you have and devoting time you are prepared to devote.

After costs, all net returns will be divided equally through the active member element of that show…. And so on!

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MEMBERSHIP to the cooperative will be £1.00 and this will constitute a legal and binding agreement to terms that will be voted in by the members at its inception in January 2014.

There will be an open MEETING – ALL WELCOME – in DECEMBER to formulate the basic principles of the cooperative and its activity.

…take control folks.
Create your own work.
Profile yourself.
We are self employed – so let’s self employ.”



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